How Do I Find A Water Restoration Company That I Can Trust?

water damage restoration Fort Collins

When water disaster hits your home, it hits hard – whether the damage has been caused by a natural calamity, such as flooding or torrential rain or by the fault of a system in the home, such as a burst plumbing pipe, it is very important to start cleanup and restoration as soon as possible, that is the only way to minimize the damage and to prevent health hazards. The recommended way to do all that is by hiring a water damage restoration Fort Collins company to manage the situation professionally, so here are the most important steps to find a reliable specialist.

Online Research

Most water damage restoration companies either have their own website on which they provide an overview of their services and experience or they are registered in company directories and on online maps. A quick online query will return lots of results – company names, URLs and contact details. Check the browser results and prepare a list with the companies that provide the type of damage restoration that you need, such as emergency services, then narrow your list based on information related to licensing and insurance (you should only work with a company that is licensed to operate legally in your state and that is also properly insured. Most companies share that information on their website).

Check Reputation

It is essential to find a water damage restoration Fort Collins company that has a great reputation of providing services of the highest quality. The internet is of great help with this aspect as well – forums and review websites provide lots of stories and details from people who used damage restoration services before. Spend a little time reading those reviews, then adjust your companies list accordingly.

Establish Contact

The next step is personal contact. Call the companies on your list and describe the damage that you are faced with. During the conversation, ask about the company’s experience in handling the type of water damage that you need help with, about their licenses, insurances and certificates, about the restoration team that will work on your site and about the restoration process. Ask the person you are talking to to explain each step of the restoration and to provide information about the costs and the timeframe as well. Find out as much as you can about the restoration technologies used – you need a company that uses state-of-the-art equipment and has personnel with experience in using those technologies.

Look for a Company that Provides Additional Services

If your home insurance policy provides coverage for the type of water damage that your home has sustained, you will surely want to file an insurance claim. If you don’t have experience in preparing claims files and filling in complicated claims forms, you will need all the help you can get, so you will need a restoration company that can assist you with the claims process, too. Many damage restoration experts are willing to provide detailed damage assessment documentations, to perform video documentation or to provide proof of damage through photos and they can also help you understand the claims process and to file your claim.