How To Remediate Smoke Damage In Your Home

Fire Restoration Remove Smoke Damage

All combustible materials produce a certain amount of toxic smoke when burning. The amount of toxic smoke released depends on the material, the amount of oxygen available and the duration of the fire. At sufficiently high concentrations over a long period of time, toxic fumes can endanger the health of exposed persons.

In the early stages of a fire, before the flashover phenomenon, the smoke produced comes from the first ignited objects, often furniture and other objects in the room. As the fire spreads and reaches the maximum point of the flashover phenomenon, the quantity and level of toxicity of the smoke produced increases greatly.

Following a fire, even if we are talking about a small fire, the resulting smoke can make a house uninhabited for a while. If in the case of cigarette smoke or the one that results from cooking, the problem disappears once you ventilate the house properly and do general cleaning, but when it comes to the smoke resulting from a fire, things can be much more complicated and require the need for fire restoration Phoenix professionals. The walls and objects in the house will not only be smudged and you will not be able to clean them by ordinary methods, but they will also be aesthetically ruined.

What to do in this case?

If the walls are painted with washable paint, the easiest way to clean them is to wash them with a solution of water and chlorine. Prepare several clean microfiber cloths. Prepare the solution with one part chlorine and two parts water, and put it in a sprayer. Then put on a mask and household gloves to protect yourself. Even if it is diluted, chlorine attacks the skin and the airways.

Wash the walls with the cloths soaked in water and chlorine, but make sure to squeeze them properly, to prevent leaving water marks on the walls. Make sure the cloths are always clean on the side with which you clean the walls. Don’t press too hard! It is sufficient to wipe the walls gently and the chlorine will clean the residue without removing the paint.

If the walls in the kitchen are not painted in white, but in different colors, try using a combination of warm water and liquid dishwashing detergent.

If these solutions are not sufficient to clean the walls, you will need to start the painting process.

Apply the back coat on the walls cleaned of smoke. Make sure the room is well ventilated, to ensure its proper drying, and then apply a second coat. Carefully check the walls to identify any discolored spots and apply an additional coat layer to them.

Finally, apply a layer of high quality washable paint over the coated, well-dried walls. As with the coat, allow the first paint layer to dry well, then apply another one. This way, you ensure a uniform aspect of the color.

Painting the house is also a reason to do general cleaning and to aerate and clean properly the rest of the objects in the house affected by the smoke.