New Technology in Surveillance Cameras – A Few Examples

Surveillance Cameras

The technologies used for enhancing the safety and security of corporate and individual property are in constant development, with new features and options hitting the market day by day and becoming available to everyone very quickly. While complex security systems integrate lots of sub-systems, such as access monitoring using cards, digital keys or fingerprints, security cameras still remain the most powerful security tool, so here are some components and some new technology in surveillance cameras that customers are nowadays looking for and using.

Wide Dynamic Range Images

This technology offers images of outstanding sharpness and clarity by correlating the brightest and the darkest points of an image. It can produce images that recreate full-scene content in scenes that otherwise cannot be included into one image due to their dynamic range.

3D Digital Noise Reduction

Conventional noise reduction technologies improve image quality by comparing one frame to the next with the aim of removing tiny, unmatching specs. 3D DNR uses the pixel values of the compared frames to reduce noise and to make the footages smaller and more manageable, thus reducing the disk space necessary for storing security footages.

Smart Infrared Technology

This technology has been developed for environments where the amount of ambient light present at night is not sufficient for cameras to provide footages that can be interpreted. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, but it is visible for special cameras that use IR to see in the dark. With the help of smart IR technology, cameras can also adjust to changing light conditions, they can prevent under- and over-illumination and they can reduce the amount of visual noise recorded.

Power over Ethernet

These solutions use a single cable for obtaining the electrical current necessary for operation and for communication via cabled networks. The technology provides more control over the entire recording process and makes sure that the edge devices are deployed in a streamlined way.

Monitoring Via Compatible Devices

These systems allow for accessing the footages recorded by security cameras via mobile devices. The system can be configured to send e-mail alerts whenever motion is detected in the area under surveillance.


The most modern surveillance cameras can differentiate between a moving car, an animal or a human being trying to access the premises or moving in the area under surveillance, thus making the alerts more accurate.

Cloud-Based Storing

The storage of security footages is a problem that all companies using security cameras are facing. The most modern technologies relieve companies of the burden of having to invest into expensive hardware and software all the time just for storing video footages or of having to decide which footages to delete by offering huge, cloud-based storage space where the security footages are kept for a specific amount of time. The newest technology for commercial security systems Denver providers offer are truly worth it.  Cloud-based storage space comes for a price, of course, but that price is much lower than the cost of equipment needed for storing the materials on-site and the storing your footages in the cloud is also the safest method that you can choose for data storage.