Patio Door Replacement: You Should Really Get Rid of That Old One!

patio door replacement

The patio door that connects your home interior to your patio fulfills many important roles, from being an important aesthetic component and ensuring a source of natural light to ensuring the energy-efficiency of your rooms. Patio doors are built to last, but they are exposed to a lot all the time, which means that you will eventually need to replace your door. Here are some of the signs that you need to start looking for a new patio door solution soon.

Difficult Operation and the Door Getting Stuck All the Time

Harsh weather, such as strong sunshine, heavy rain and snow and wide temperature variations, can all affect the frame and the operating mechanism of the door. If you have a sliding door, the most common issues that warrant replacement include damaged rollers or a door that jumps off the track often. The most common issues that affect French patio doors are a jammed latch, door sagging and scratch marks on the floor caused by the door not opening and closing correctly. If you notice any of these issues, it is a good idea to turn to a qualified patio door replacement technician for an inspection – in some cases, door repair is also an option, so you can get a little more time to make up your mind about the replacement.

Draft in the Room and Increased Energy Bills

Another sign that it might be time to replace your patio door is unwanted air movement inside the home. The problem is probably caused by the damaged seals that surround the door – while seal replacement is an option in some cases, door replacement would surely make a much better solution.

You should also know that your patio door might let energy slip out even without causing noticeable air movement. If your energy bills keep rising without you implementing new appliances in your home, the culprit might be the old, damaged patio door that served you well, but that probably has to go now.

Gaps, Cracks, Chips or Blisters in and around the Window

If you notice cracks in the door frame, between the glass and the frame or between the door and the wall around, the damage is also a sign that you need to get a new door soon. The appearance of chips and blisters on the door, especially on the exterior surface that is more exposed to the elements, also warrants a replacement.


Droplets of water and clouding that appears between the glass panes with double-glazing patio doors or on one side of the glass if you still have single-glazing is also a sign that the door’s ability to seal and to insulate has become compromised and the best way to restore the energy-efficiency of your room and of your door is probably replacement.

You Want a Style Upgrade

Aesthetics is also a factor that might make you want to replace your patio door. Modern doors come in such a wide variety of styles and designs that choosing a new door that matches the architectural design featured by your house should not be a problem.