Should You Ask Your Parents to Move into an Over 55 Community Near You?

Although you might love your parents a lot, there comes a time when they might no longer be able to help you out around the house. In fact, there will come a time when they can’t help themselves too much either, or when they are better off moving to a senior community where they can get better support, improve their lives and find new people to connect with. Over 55 communities near me are one of the most practical option you can consider.

over 55 communities near me

How to Decide

Deciding on whether to talk to your parents about this type of problem is never easy. Should you even bring it up? You have to consider a lot of issues, such as whether or not they can still support themselves and the household and whether they might actually be happier in a place where they can hang out with like-minded peers and make new friends.

If you do decide to talk to them, however, make sure you don’t act too rash and that you can speak with them freely, without feeling nervous or anxious about it.

Consider these tips to approach the conversation in the best possible way:

  • Try not to rush into it. Remember that there is no hurry and that it’s better to go into the conversation calm, rather than rushing in and risking to cause your senior parents any distress.
  • Try not to beat around the bush too much, and explain the situation clearly. Your parents have raised you after all, so they should be able to understand it just fine.
  • Approach the talk from their perspective. A lot of people might be tempted to tell their elderly parents straight out that they can’t support them properly (either financially or in other ways) and that they should therefore consider a 55 and over community. Instead, show them the issue from a different perspective, telling them how much better their life will be in a senior community and showing them an example of one of the best over 55 communities near your location.
  • Discuss the problem with your parents, and be open to other alternatives as well. You definitely don’t want to force it upon them and make them feel unwelcome. Also, if you suggest one of the best over 55 communities near me, they will likely want to at least check it out.

How It’s Going to Work

Since the place is close to your location, you’ll find it quite easy to organize a tour. You can call ahead, give your information and ask them when they can fit you in. You’ll find that the staff that handles all connections at these 55 and over senior centers will be very friendly, so you also won’t have a problem asking questions or inquiring about any past problems.

Make sure you involve your senior parent in the tour and conversation as well. After all, they should be able to make up their own mind whether this is the actual avenue that they will wish to pursue. Once they see the place, however, you might find that their excitement will grow and they’ll be very willing to consider moving to the 55+ community that you found for them – especially if it’s close to where you live and they can still see their grandkids.