The Advantages of Installing a New Commercial Roof

Replacing the top closure on your commercial facility might seem like a huge investment, but it drives lots of benefits. Here are some of the most important advantages of making that investment.

Improved Safety for Your Building and Your Business

Old, shabby roofs cause a lot problems that can only be solved with a new roof. The frequent leaks, the crumbling components, the impossibility to attach ladders safely to the roof and the sagging gutters are all issues that can be repaired and patched up for a while, but they will eventually cause major problems that might even disrupt your business activities.

A leaky roof can also cause severe problems inside your building. A roof that lets water through will add moisture to the air inside the building and excessively moist air is unhealthy to breathe and it favors the appearance of mold and mildew. Termites and other insects can also enter your building through the cracks and punctures in your roof.

A new roof is more resistant to any weather, therefore it provides more security for your entire property. This aspect is of special importance nowadays – as the number of severe hurricanes, high winds and hailstorms is increasing across the country, even in areas that used to get mild, predictable weather in the past, having a roof that can withstand such extreme events is essential for the security and safety of your business operations.

Fortunately, a new roof, installed by Connecticut commercial roofers, can solve all those issues in a quick and efficient manner and can also keep them away for decades.

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More Attractive Appearance for Your Facility

A new roof on your commercial facility will improve your building’s curb appeal, even if the roof on it is a flat or low-sloping structure. Enhanced looks in the world of business translates into more trust in your products and services, so if you regularly invite business partners and other corporate guests to your facility, you simply cannot afford to have a crumbling roof on your building.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency for Your Building

The roof being the largest surface on any building, it is also the surface responsible for most of the energy loss in the building. In other words, an old, dysfunctional roof will increase the amount of energy that you will need for keeping your building interior comfortably cool in summer and warm in winter.

A new roof will improve the energy efficiency of your entire building by preventing heated and cooled air from escaping from your building. If the material is chosen correctly, your new roof will resist overheating more efficiently, therefore it will also transfer less heat toward your building interior – a feature that will further reduce energy waste.

Value Added to Your Property

A new roof is a great investment into the value of your property and it will make your property more attractive to buyers if you want to put your property on the market. Higher value is beneficial if you are looking for a new credit line as well.