What are Gate Access Controls?

The role of access control systems is to limit the access of persons and/ or vehicles in certain areas delimited by a closed perimeter and to allow it only to those authorized, after their identification.

Electronic access control systems are complex systems consisting of mechanical, electromechanical, electronic (hardware) and software components, interconnected so as to ensure the protection and control functions imposed on certain areas. Access control systems ensure the necessary security and safety that must be taken into account whether we are talking about perimeter security applications, access to parking lots, office space, military applications, office buildings or high security areas.

The main functions of a control system access consist of:

  • identification/ authentication
  • restricting access
  • blocking access using electromechanical elements
  • applying security policies in a certain space
  • monitoring the elements of the system and of the users
  • detection and registration of events as well as related decisions.

For an common user, an access control system consists of three elements:

  • a card / PIN / tag – which is presented to a reader / keyboard
  • a reader / keyboard – which authenticates the card / PIN / tag
  • a door / barrier / access gate – which opens when the entrance is authorized

Behind this scene, there is a number of interconnected equipment, using various technologies, which communicate in order to achieve access control functions.

Types of existing equipment in an access control system:

  • custom gates, car barriers, turnstiles, electric / electromagnetic locks, magnetic contacts, control buttons, photocells, power supplies
  • control equipment (readers, keyboards, access control units, elevator controllers, input/ output interfaces, communication interfaces, time terminals).
  • application level (management computers, management software, communication networks).

According to automatic gates Denver professionals, for gate access control for residential properties, in accordance with the new living standards and with a realistic assessment of the risks, you can opt for access controlled by an intercom or video intercom system.

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With the help of an intercom system, you instantly find out who is visiting you, you can communicate with the person who want to come in, and, through a video intercom system, you have in addition the possibility to see the person. Such a system can be integrated in any d├ęcor.

The intercom and video intercom systems consist of:

Outdoor station – It is installed in the immediate vicinity of the main access door to the building. Through the outdoor station, you can create audio-video communication with the person requesting access to your property. Outdoor stations can be provided with one or more access buttons – for one or more families living in the same building.

Indoor station – It is installed according to the beneficiary’s options and, just like the outdoor station, it facilitates communication with the person who wants to come in. It can communicate only with the external station or with other internal stations connected in the same system (intercommunication). It can be of mobile or fixed, designed for wall or desk application. The indoor station is also provided with a button that opens the gate or access door.