What Are the Most Durable Fencing Materials?

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Most fences are required to play not only the triple role of providing privacy, security and aesthetic appeal – there is usually one more expectation they need to fulfill: they need to be durable as well. Some fencing materials used today are more for curb appeal, others are more for privacy and there are some that come with long lifespans – if durability is your number one priority when you choose your fence material, Brighton fence experts say that following are the materials that are the least sensitive and the sturdiest.

Vinyl Fencing

Also known as PVC, vinyl is a resistant material that is not sensitive to moisture, UV radiations and changing temperatures and it is not attractive for pests either. The durability and the resistance of vinyl is unmatched by any other fence materials, your PVC panels will never rust or rot. However, even vinyl has its enemies: strong impact and weight can crack it and its color might fade over time.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences are not only very attractive and elegant, but durable as well. The material is very strong and resistant to whatever harm the elements could do, including impact. The only issue that wrought iron fences can be sensitive to is moisture that can cause the appearance of rust. However, the problem is easy to prevent with some attention – if you notice rusty spots on your iron fence, remove them with a brush and some rust remover, then apply a rust protective coating or paint to prevent the issue from recurring. It is recommended to clean, coat and paint your wrought iron fence at 2 or 3-year intervals – it is the best way to ensure that your iron fence and gate stays healthy for decades.

Chain Link

Probably the simplest of all fencing materials, chain link is also among the most durable solutions, preferred by many farm owners as well as by homeowners who need fencing in less conspicuous areas of their property. The galvanized metal is a bit sensitive to rust, but with the right type of coating and paint applied every couple of years, your chain link fence can serve you well for decades.

Composite Material

Made from a combination of plastic polymers and wood fibers, composite fencing components are not susceptible to rot, rust or insect attacks and good quality composite fences will not fade either. The material is affordable and it comes in a wide variety of styles, colors and textures, but composite fences need to be installed by professionals.

Masonry Fence

Masonry fences are made from stone, brick, stucco or concrete, all of them materials resistant to the elements, to impact, to pests. All masonry walls are heavy and very stable, even the ones that combine the stone or the concrete with some other material, such as iron or aluminum, therefore most of them need professional installation, a foundation and steel reinforcement.

The weak point of masonry fences is mortar – the material can age and crumble, but it is very easy to replace, with a little water and cement, you can easily restore the beauty and the durability of your masonry fence.