What Is a Hydrovac Truck?

If you read about hydro excavation, you’ve probably heard of hydrovac trucks in the past. These are special types of trucks that are used by hydrovac services when they have to move from one property to another in order to take care of excavation projects.

Hydro excavation has become very popular in recent years, and understandably so. However, even though hiring a service won’t take long and you can basically get all the work done on your property in a single day, it’s still a good idea to be cautious and learn about the service and the special hydrovac trucks used as part of it.

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The basic idea of how the hydrovac process works is that a hose is used to pump water into the ground,  thereby dislodging the dirt and creating a hole or a gap in the area where the excavation job is needed. The high temperature, high pressure water is able to essentially liquefy the earth, turning it into sludge and vacuuming it out with a powerful vacuum system that is used together with the hydrovac.

The power of hydro excavation is quite impressive. While most jobs will not require a significant depth to be reached during the excavation process, sometimes a simple hydrovac truck can reach depths of up to 70 feet. Moreover, because of the unique water-based excavation system, you won’t need special permits before calling in a hydrovac service to work on your property. The method is considered to be safe and effective, as well as environmentally friendly.

A single hydrovac truck is enough in most cases for a highly extensive excavation project. Because of the speed of the process, you can expect the technicians to require just a few hours of work on most projects, and only to have to return the next day in a few very rare instances – such as when bad weather hits, when they need to work on an exceedingly large piece of property, or when the soil is uncommonly challenging.

Hydrovac trucks are designed to use only water and vacuum for virtually all jobs and projects. Because of their effectiveness, they are commonly used for jobs such as slot trenching, debris removal and potholing. Additional services and jobs that hydrovac experts can handle may also include cold weather and tight spot excavations, pole setting and sludge removal (typically using only the vacuum function).

There are many other cases when vacuum truck service can come in real handy. However, if you are serious about making sure that your excavation projects are a success, you have to know what service to hire. The best choice by far is to look for local contractors with a great deal of skill and experience. They will be able to advise you properly, suggest the best hydrovac solutions for your applications and prevent any safety issues and unwanted mishaps that could lead to injury or property damage. A service such as Vacuum Dig is ideal for the job, and you’ll find that the experts at this company are not only skilled and knowledgeable, but highly dedicated, transparent and forward thinking as well.