What Is Pallet Racking and Why It Is So Popular?

Why Is Pallet Racking A Popular Form Of Warehouse Storage

Pallet racking is among the most popular types of warehouse storage systems used today – if you are looking for a more detailed answer to the question “what is pallet racking”, here are a few more details for you.

What is so Special about Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking is a system of warehouse storage that allows for the storage of items directly on pallets, without requiring warehouse staff to unpack the pallets on which they receive the products for their inventory and to place the items on shelves one by one. The palletized products can be stored on multiple levels, placing the pallets above one another.

Pallet racks usually consist of various beams, upright columns, diagonal and horizontal braces for increasing stability, pallet supports, decking made from wire and timber, footplates attached to the floor to anchor the racking system, wall ties and various rails for making the placement of the pallets easy and safe. Mobilized pallet racks are also available – these structures are placed on heavy-duty carriages that can be quickly and safely moved to the exact location where the pallets need to be temporarily loaded and stored.

The Benefits of Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is one of the most popular and most efficient warehousing solutions available today – here is why:

  • As the pallets are stored one on top of the other in multiple, horizontal rows, the solution minimizes floor space usage, allowing for diversifying the storage methods used throughout the warehouse;
  • The system increases productivity by allowing warehouse staff to find and to retrieve the goods they want quickly, easily and safely;
  • The sturdiness of the system allows for storing items of any size and weight, the only limit being the width, the length and the weight-bearing capacity of the pallets on which the items are packed;
  • Varied sizing – pallet racking systems are available in many different sizes, so you can easily pick the system that matches the size of the pallets that you use. If you use multiple pallet sizes in the warehouse, you can use racks of different sizes, too;
  • Safety – pallet racking Denver warehouses are using is one of the safest storage solutions. The racks are made from sturdy materials of the highest quality and they are usually anchored using multiple fixing points on the floor and on the ceiling as well. You must be aware that the employees who use the racks need to observe some very specific safety instructions pertaining to the placement of the pallets and access to them, but if those regulations are observed, you can be sure that your employees and your products are safe.

Who Can Use Pallet Racking

The types of companies that use pallet racking the most include manufacturing facilities, distribution companies, retail centers and any other types of companies that need to store a high volume of products arranged in a way that minimizes floor space usage. Most of the companies that choose this type of storage also use forklifts to move goods in large quantities.