Why Hire A Roofing Company To Clean Your Roof

roofing companies clean roof

One of the weaknesses of certain roofing materials such as ceramic tiles or bituminous shingles is that over time, the material becomes a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms such as fungi and mold (Gloeocapsa Magma), which often appear in the form of vertical or horizontal dark stripes of stains and, together with bird droppings and compact dirt, they drastically reduce the appearance of your roof and of your house in general.

But besides an unpleasant aspect, the most important thing is that their presence on the roof surface leads to premature wear and destruction, because they develop both on the outside and the inside of the roof`s surface, producing gradual damage that will eventually allow water infiltrations that may lead to major damage.

Such ecosystems formed by bacteria and microorganisms appear mostly on the north and northwest sides of the roof because they get less sun exposure. Also, in geographic areas with high humidity and successive temperature fluctuations, such ecosystems develop faster compared to dry areas.

Although ceramic tiles have a 30-year warranty and are water-resistant, frost-proof and even impregnated with anti-algae solutions, as time goes by they begin to deteriorate. Dirt that accumulates on the roof is a perfect soil for harmful bacteria, such as moss, algae or mold that fills the spaces between tiles and lead to water infiltrations and leaks inside the building. The dirt between the tiles absorbs the water, maintains moisture on the roof and prevents natural drainage through the gutters, damaging the roof structure.

A clean roof provides adequate protection for the building, therefore cleaning the roof must be a mandatory operation included periodically in the overall maintenance of the roof by Aurora roofing companies.

In order to maintain and extend the life of the roof, it is necessary to remove the vegetation with special cleaning solutions (detergents based on biocides) that eliminate the problems in proportion of 99%, followed by rinsing the roof using low-pressurized water and, if the owner wishes, by the application of a protective layer (paint with waterproofing properties or impermeable coating).

You should hire a roofing company to clean your roof when the methods you use, such as manual cleaning with a brush and homemade solutions, are not effective. Specialists are much better equipped to combine cleaning technologies and professional substances in an efficient way.

Safety first

Biocides, chlorine, bleach agents and detergents are substances representing a risk factor for the health of plants and living beings, which is why hiring a roofing company to clean your roof is recommended. Specialists know how to apply repellents or biocides in good weather conditions. Preliminary to the applying the treatment, they will also take the necessary measures to protect the vegetation near the roof and prevent the infiltration of the solutions in the soil.

A professional roof cleaning team uses protective equipment suitable for working at height and with chemicals: harnesses and other anti-fall systems, protective overalls covering the body, gloves, masks, safety glasses and adequate footwear. The solutions will not be allowed to act longer than necessary, and the pressure cleaners will be used in such a way as not to damage the shingles by removing the protective granules.